Irrigation Repair for the Greater Atlanta Area

Since 2005, hundreds of commercial and residential Atlanta clients has trusted Irrigation Repair Guy with their irrigation systems. We are a full service lawn sprinkler repair company and work to make your system more efficient.

We serve both residential and commercial properties and provide all types of irrigation repair service: Irrigation Repair

  • Complex irrigation system troubleshooting
  • System optimization for water conservation
  • Troubleshooting and replacement of controllers
  • System adjustment
  • Replacement of heads and nozzles, for maximum efficiency
  • Valve replacement
  • Rewiring
  • and more...


We at Irrigation Repair Guy service all types sprinkler heads including Rainbird, and Hunter, and service all makes and models of irrigation systems.

After making the necessary repairs, we are able to adapt your irrigation system to your current landscape. This could mean raising or moving heads for optimum coverage. We often cut off or cap heads that are no longer necessary.

The Atlanta metro area has some of the highest water rates in the country. We can usually save you enough water to offset what you spend with us. You will have confidence using your system, knowing that we have been there.